Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Matte birthday

Yesterday was my husband's birthday & I normally try to do a mani that he'd like.
Zoya Yves & Iris
My husband's favorite colors are blue & purple so I used Yves & Iris from the Zoya Winter/Holiday Matte Velvet collection that I got for Christmas (from my husband).  Yves is a beautiful royal blue with blue pearl fleck & Iris is a more red-leaning purple with fuchsia pearl fleck.  Both polishes went on beautifully & covered in two coats.  I added a piece of silver hexagon glitter to each nail to just break up the matte a little bit.
My husband said he really likes these & so do I.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Zoya Misty

In my last blog post I used five of the colors from the Zoya Whispers collection, today I have the sixth polish to show you:
Zoya Misty
Misty is a grey-green taupe that I was expecting to love as much as the other colors from this collection, but I don't.  Not sure what it is about the polish, but ever since I put it on I have wanted to take it off.
It covered in two coats & I added Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat.  To me this is the only "dud" of the collection & I probably won't be reaching it too often, at least not to wear on its own.
Do you own any of the polishes from the Zoya Whispers collection?  Which are your favorite?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A pastel rainbow with Zoya Whispers

I'm not really in the mood yet for any type of Spring/pastel colors (even though it's finally getting out of the negatives here in Wisconsin), but I wanted to try out the Zoya Whispers collection I bought with part of my winnings for taking 2nd place in my fantasy football league (everyone buys polish after fantasy football is over, right?).
From thumb-pinky: Zoya April, Cala, Ireland, Lake, Eastyn
I used two coats for full coverage with each polish & I didn't use a top coat for the picture--these are all very shiny.
I actually think this is very cute & maybe closer to Spring I'll wear this again.  I love all of these colors, but I'm sure I'll wear Ireland, Lake & Eastyn the most.
I did order the whole collection so I also have Misty, but I didn't think it would fit in for a "rainbow"
since it's a grey-green plus I only have five nails.
Do you own any of the polishes from this collection?  Which are your favorites?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Those are the breaks

About a week ago I noticed that my pointer nail on my right hand had broke on the left side & that it was almost all the way down to my finger (that's what I get for cleaning/organizing my house!).  I know that I could have just left the rest of my nails alone, but I'd rather they all be one length & I was planning on cutting them down anyway (just not this short).
After cutting all my nails I grabbed a couple polishes I bought not long ago, but haven't used yet (I really want to use my untried polishes this year):
Wet n Wild Navy Intelligence & Basic Beach

Wet n Wild Navy Intelligence & Basic Beach
Wet n Wild Navy Intelligence & Basic Beach are both Dollar General exclusives & they're both part of the WnW Fast Dry line.
I used two coats of each polish over a base coat & they both covered amazingly.  Navy Intelligence (darker of the two) does have a couple spots on my nails where it isn't covered as well, but that's from me painting my nails at night in a room with bad lighting--it has nothing to do with the polish.  I also used Glisten & Glow HKGirl top coat.
I love both of these polishes & I love the two blues together.  I'm also surprisingly loving my short nails--it's freeing in a way not having to deal with long nails.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Zoya Naked Manicure

Since I got 3 of the polishes from the Zoya Naked Manicure (NM from here on out in this post) line in the Zoya mystery box I decided to try them out.
First showing my bare nails right after using Zoya remove plus:

Then I used one coat of Zoya NM Naked Base, two coats of Zoya NM Pink Perfector, & then topped it with a coat of Zoya NM Naked Manicure Glossy Seal.
Here are the results:
As you can see my nails don't look as yellow in the second picture & the ridges of my nails were a lot less visible, but I don't think any more so than when I use other creme polishes.
I can't say if these polishes have any other benefits or not because I have only wore them the one time & only for a day or so before taking it off.  Do I like it?  Eh.  It's not horrible, but personally if I was going to have "naked nails" I would do just that--not polish them at all & have naked nails.  Do you own any of Zoya's NM line?  What are your thoughts on it?

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 New Year's Eve nails

Happy 2016!  My husband got me the Matte Velvet collection from Zoya for Christmas & I *love* the colors, but wanted to do simple/clean nails for my NYE mani so I used Aspen from the collection:
Zoya Aspen
According to Zoya's website Aspen "can best be described as a sparkling arctic white with a micronized diamond pearl fleck".  This is a dead-on description.
I did use a base coat & then used three coats of Aspen.  I do think that I could have used two coats to cover fully, but I didn't let the polish dry enough in between coats (even though they looked matte) & a little pulling occurred which required the extra coat.
After 4+ days of wear I do think that the matte aspect holds up better than a lot of other matte polishes that start to look shiny from wear/everything that gets on your nails, but that could partially be from it being a white polish.  I also don't have any tip wear which is damn good for a matte.
As much as I love this polish I do think it would look better on shorter nails (just my personal opinion).
diamond pearl fleck in Zoya Aspen
 Do you own any of the polishes from the Matte Velvet collection?  Which is your favorite?

Monday, December 21, 2015

Zoya Mystery Box 2015--spoilers!

I wanted to buy the Zoya Mystery Box this year since I got the Qtica Intense Lip Therapy Balm in last year's mystery box & I *love* it, but don't really want to spend $12 on it.  Did I get it again in this year's box?  Let's find out (spoilers ahead, so if you don't want to know what's in this year's box please click out of this post):
Zoya 2015 Mystery Box
Zoya had the mystery boxes for sale on Cyber Monday for $20 with free shipping & promised us "7 of our favorite products".  The box itself is a nice black box & each of the products are in individual black boxes (except one silver box) inside so this would be a great gift or you could break up the box & give the products as multiple gifts.  There's also a card listing the products & a Naked Manicure booklet & Qtica booklet.  Technically the box came with 8 products (maybe the mini remove + was thrown in as filler?) which I'll list below:
-Cindy (sheer gold glitter)
-Renee (red cream)
-Marjorie (metallic plum)
These three polishes are from the Redbook limited edition collection & honestly were not something I was interested in buying at all, the colors are just plain/blah/too common to me.  I really do think that these were added to the mystery box because they probably didn't sell as well as Zoya had hoped for.  Retails for $27.
-Qtica Intense Lip Therapy Balm
Like I said, I *love* this lip balm & have almost completely used the one from last year's box.  So happy that it was in this year's box also.  Retails for $12.
-mini remove +
-Naked Base
-Naked Manicure Glossy Seal
-mini Pink Perfector
These polishes are from the Naked Manicure line which I think is supposed to "correct" the flaws in your nails (yellowing & whatnot) depending on the color perfector you use.  I wasn't very interested in any of these polishes when they came out either.  They seemed kinda gimmicky to me & not worth the money & from the couple of blogger reviews I've read (I've only read a couple!), they don't seem overly wonderful.  I'm wondering if these were also added into the box because they are selling like Zoya hoped?  The base & glossy seal retail for $12 each & the "normal" size of Pink Perfector is $10.
Buying the box means you also got a code in your account for 50% off $50 or more plus free shipping, which is a pretty nice code (& I've already used mine).

Was this box worth $20 to me?  Absolutely since my favorite lip product was included & it's $12 alone.  Would I have bought most of these polishes on my own?  No, but I see that as a plus since I don't already own any of them & I *LOVE* Zoya & I do own *a lot* of their polishes.  What do you think of this box?  Did you buy it?  Do you wish you had/hadn't?  Are you giving this as a gift?