Monday, February 27, 2012

Pure Ice review!

I got sent 3 free polishes from Pure Ice--Siren, No Means No & Strobe Light (black crackle).  This is the first polish I've ever been sent to review!  I haven't had any polish on since Saturday & I was thinking about either doing a blue skittle mani or Zoya Grace today since it's been 10 years since my Grandma Grace passed away, but I got these in the mail & thought they'd be perfect since my Grandma's favorite Skittles (as in the candy) were the red & purple ones.

Pure Ice Siren, No Means No & Strobe Light crackle
In the box along with the polishes was just a business card & a sheet of paper that had the same information on it along with my address so I'm not sure if these are older or newer polishes, but I *think* they are older (you can find them all online
I swatched Siren first--it's basically the perfect crayon red creme.  I only used 1 coat & it covered great, but if I was wearing this as a mani I would have used 2 coats.  I was worried that once I added the crackle that it would pull the red off my nails (as some of my crackle has done), but as you can see it didn't.
Pure Ice Siren. 1 coat no topcoat. Natural light, no flash.  Actual color closer to how the pinky looks.

Pure Ice Siren (1 coat) with Strobe Light crackle.  No topcoat.  Natural light, no flash.
This is the first time I've ever taken off polish just so I could swatch a different color, lol.  No Means No is a very pretty purple shimmer & you can see blue & some pink in the shimmer.  This took 2 coats & applied streaky at first, but evened out after the second coat.  I could have used another coat, but I wasn't wearing the mani & was adding crackle so I decided not to.  The crackle did pull the purple a bit & make it look lighter (not sure if you can see it in the pictures), but nothing horrible.
Pure Ice No Means No.  2 coats, no topcoat.  Natural light, no flash.

Trying to show the shimmer (I don't know why the picture flipped).

Pure Ice No Means No (2 coats) with Strobe Light crackle.  No topcoat.  Natural light, no flash.

Trying to show the crackle affect.
Overall I love these polishes even if red isn't a color I wear much.  Siren covered great, had a great drying time & was really pretty.  No Means No is a color I would wear & after 2 coats is beautiful.  I like the bit of shimmer in it.  Strobe Light is a great black crackle & I know I'll use it again.  It cracks great & dries fast.  As with all crackle I've used it does dry a bit dull so you'll have to add a topcoat to get shiny nails.
I know crackle polish isn't "in" right now, but do you still use it?  What are your favorite color combos you've done with crackle polish?

*The polishes in this post were sent to me for review.  I did not get paid to review them.*


  1. Hi,

    How did you get your name out there to start reviewing polishes?? Also, I wanted to talk to you about a trade - do you have an email address?? Mine is

    Thanks!! :)


    1. Hi! I just sent emails out to different companies & asked if they would be interested in sending me products for review since I started a blog. Jordana, Julep, Kleancolor, Milani & Sephora by OPI all emailed me back & said they do not send out products for review.
      What were you interested in trading? I don't really have any "extra" polish, but I could always see what I could do for you. If you would rather email me than write on here my email address is
      Thanks for reading my blog!