Monday, March 26, 2012

New storage!

While I was in Madison this last weekend for state wrestling I went to Michael's to see if I could find a "melmer".  I'm not sure why they are nicknamed that besides it rhymes with helmer which you can find at Ikea.  I've seen melmers online, but always put together so I wasn't 100% sure what I was looking for when it came to the box so I got the only 3 drawer storage unit that they had (I really wanted 2 of them since I already have 250+ polishes) & prayed it would be the right one.  It was a pretty good deal at $20.99.  I did buy some non-slip mat & used double sided tape to hold it to the drawer bottoms so the bottles wouldn't move around.
Michael's "melmer" in box
It only took me about an hour to put it together myself & it's pretty easy (the stickers they label each part with were a bitch to peel off).
Melmer put together
I have almost all of my polishes in there except a few of my old ones that I don't ever use & are in a small basket.
drawer 1 (square bottle polishes)

drawer 3 (Sinful Colors, Spoiled...)

drawer 2 (China Glaze, OPI, Orly...)
I really want to find another one of these (would have bought another if Michael's would have had another)--I'm planning on going on a nail polish shopping spree next month & I hope I'll need another after that, lol.
I also forgot to put these nail decals in my last post--I picked them up at Claire's when I got the bottles of Candy Shop.  I love the mustache design & my father-in-law has a pretty amazing 'stache & his 60th b-day is in May & since my bf & his brothers are growing out their 'staches to honor him I figured I'd do what I could & wear mustache nail decals along with a mustache ring & necklace.  :o)


  1. Cool! I love stash and storage pictures.

  2. The non slip mats on the bottom were a great idea!

  3. Nice collection! Do I spot Zoyas in drawer 1? O_O

    1. Thanks! Yes, 60 Zoyas are in the top drawer (4 more will be added once I get them in the mail, lol).

  4. Ooh I nominated you for the Versatile Award!