Saturday, April 21, 2012

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y (Night!) mani

I was so happy that I got to order a bottle of Sticks 'n Stones from Ninja Polish when they restocked it this week & even happier when it arrived Friday!  It's my first indy polish even though I have a list of ones I would love to own (just like many of you, I'm sure).
Sticks 'n Stones by Cover Band Lacquers
Today (Saturday) I also got a thank you package from The Nail Junkie because I sent her my bottle of Wet n Wild Vampish Red that she was looking for.  She sent me Julep basecoat & cuticle oil along with some other goodies.  Here's a link to her blog post with the polish in it:
Thank you Aleta!
I can't believe I didn't do a mani with SnS yesterday, lol, but I waited until today (mostly because I was just too lazy).  I decided to use the Julep basecoat & then add 2 coats of Zoya Zuza which a a turquoise/teal polish with gold & silver shimmer (had just a bit of a problem with it pulling, but it was probably because I was using thinner coats & sitting by an open window which was drying the polish--I had to shut the window).  I don't think that Zuza looks like a "foil" like it says on the Zoya website, but I still love it, it's a beautiful color.  I added a coat of Julep fast dry topcoat & then a layer of SnS with the Julep basecoat on top (I've read where fast dry topcoats can make the glitters curl & I was too lazy to go get a different topcoat, lol).  This combo is AMAZING--reminds me of the 50s (not that I was alive mind you, but you know what I mean).
Zoya Zuza & Sticks 'n Stones
A righty picture, that's how  much I love this combo, lol.
**Just placed my Zoya Earth Day order (& promised my bf I wouldn't order any more Zoyas for 6 months)!