Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trying out my dotting tools & dupe comparison

Holy crap, 2 post in 1 day, lol!  Part of me really wanted to try out my dotting tools & part of me really wanted to see if Julep Sofia & Pure Ice Rescue Me are dupes...
First up is my dotting tool try outs.  I actually don't think I did that bad!  I think I'm really going to enjoying using them.  Even my boyfriend said "They look really good, I like the flower the best."  My base color is Zoya Rica & my thumb, middle & pinkie fingers got a coat of NYC Matte Me Crazy (which I LOVE--it's cheap & I'll probably buy another bottle because I love seeing how different polishes look matte & I love the feel of them.) & my pointer & ring fingers got a coat of Sally Hansen Rock Candy.  I used all Zoya colors after that to do my designs--Rekha (red), Pippa (yellow), Jo (blue), Savita (matte purple) & Purity (white).

After I took that off I wanted to see if about Sofia & Rescue Me.  I did 2 coats of each on my bare nails & then decided to swatch them over Purity to see them better (I didn't let Purity dry as much as I should so it's a little messed up--sorry).  Can you tell which color is which or if there's any difference?
1 coat Pure Ice Rescue Me over Zoya Purity, 1 coat Julep Sofia over Zoya Purity, 2 coats Rescue Me alone, 2 coats Sofia alone

In all honesty I think these are close enough to be considered dupes.  Rescue Me might be a tad darker if anything.  Considering I like getting the best deals possible when it comes to polish (or I try at least) I'd pick Rescue Me over Sofia any day--Rescue Me is around $1.99 for a .5 fl oz bottle & Sofia is $14 for a .27 fl oz bottle.
On a side note--I am SO excited that today is Opening Day in baseball!  Go Red Sox!

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