Tuesday, May 1, 2012

End of April haul (long post)

This last Saturday (which would have been my Grandma's birthday) my bf & I went to Chicago to see the Red Sox (my team, who won 1-0) play the White Sox (his team). It was the first time I've got to see Jarrod Saltalamacchia play (what can I say, the guy's hot).  I had a really cute idea for my mani, but was so tired the night before I just went with red nails & a white accent nail with a Red Sox logo decal on it.  It was cute, but looked a little crappy so I didn't take pics.
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Since I live about 4 1/2 hours away from U.S. Cellular Field & a lot of places to shop for polish I did go shopping for a couple hours before the game--this weekend was the first time I'd been to a Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta, Five Below or ROSS (was rushed & didn't find anything there).  Let's get to the haul pics:
Pure Ice Free Spirit, Revlon Starry Pink, Spoiled Vitamin C, Don't Be Cheesy, I Only Eat Salads, Checkin' Into Rehab
I got the Pure Ice earlier last week, but never posted it.  The Revlon I picked up at Target & the Spoiled polishes from CVS (I had a 25% off purchase coupon).
Funky Fingers Cayman Island, Wild Child, Volts, Riot, Sand & Stilettos, Flashing Lights
I got these at Five Below & they were 3/$5.
Jordana Pink Hearts, Fairy Dust, Pixie Pink, Sequins, Copper Blaze, Cosmic, Gemstones
K-Mart was having on a BOGO 50% off sale on Jordana polish (maybe all Jordana products?) so I picked these up--& yes, there's an odd number because my boyfriend picked one out for my giveaway.  They didn't have some of the glitters I wanted (Rhinestones, Lunar Lights) & I didn't pick up any of the non-glitter polishes, smh.
China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le, Frostbite, Pelican Gray, Fairy Dust, Orly Nite Owl, Androgynie
Sally's was having a buy 2 get 1 free on polishes & I had a coupon for $10 off $20 or more (which the cashier said she's never seen.  I did have to buy a Beauty Club card for $5 to use the coupon, but it was worth it).
China Glaze Polarized, Ray-diant, Optical Illusion, inm Northern Lights
I picked up Northern Lights at Sally's along with the polishes above, but I was trying to even out the pics.  These 3 China Glaze polishes I picked up at Ulta since they were having a buy 2 get 1 free also & I had the $3.50 off $10 coupon.
I'm happy that I got these, but I am so disappointed in missing out on going to a couple nail supply stores where I was (hopefully) going to get a butt load of polishes (more China Glaze, Color Club, & Orly)--a huge polish haul is supposed to be my belated 30th birthday gift from my family (the cash has been in my purse since October, lol).  I also didn't get another melmer from Michael's because they weren't on sale.  I will just have to wait until either the next time I go to Chicago (in June with my bf's family for a White Sox/Brewers game) or the time after that in August when my bf, son & I fly to Boston (first time going & the first time we'll be at Fenway--SO excited) to hit up the nail supply stores *sigh*.
**Expect more polish porn either later today or tomorrow--my Zoyas are in town!**
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  1. nice haul! looks like you picked up some interesting funky fingers and jordana polishes, i haven't tried those brands before :D

    1. I've never tried them either, hoping I'll like them!