Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nail mail & cheap polish

I went to my local Family Dollar yesterday & picked up a couple L.A. Colors polishes that were on sale for $0.80 (I think they're going from the polishes being in packages to just being in a rack).
L.A. Colors Shock, Circuits, Base/Top Coat
& today I got some nail mail!
Dandy Nails Colorblind², Mystique Nail Applique in Downtown Lights White
I ordered Colorblind² the last time it was available & I got it quick!  I LOVE the black & white glitter polishes & I would love to own them all (my dream is to have a whole drawer in my melmer full of indies--so far I own 3, lol).  The Mystique Nail Appliques were sent to me for review & I hope to use them ASAP (I'd really love to use them in July when I go camping to see how they hold up, but I feel like I should get to them sooner than that).

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