Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nail mailtime!

This is just a quick post to show you what came in the mail today:
Zoya Lara, Kimber, Reagan, Rory, Carley, Ibiza, Cynthia (& free gifts: grapefruit sugar scrub & 2 oz remove +)
 I *almost* poured the remove + into my pump bottle & then figured I'd save it since it's the perfect size to travel with.  Not sure if I'll use the hand scrub.
Zoya Cassi, Lianne, Myrta, Paz, Creamy, Tangy, Christinna & Nail-Venturous Floam
As you can tell, my Zoya Earth Day order arrived (& the last Zoyas I'll be buying for 6 months) & also FLOAM!  I don't normally talk about the polishes when I get them/before I use them, but I have to say this--holy s**t is Paz BRIGHT!  & I say that in a very good, I love it way.
Have a great day & enter my giveaway--still only 11 entries & it ends tomorrow!
& to go with my title:


  1. OMG that's some haul !! I'm so jealous you got floam! I want it so bad!!!

    1. I wasn't on as long as a lot of people were when the Ninja Polish site crashed, but it did take a bit to finally get it. I'm glad my bf thinks it's "awesome" or I'd feel guilty, lol.

  2. Great colors you picked...Enjoy your Earthday Haul!!!

    1. Thanks! I have so many Zoyas that it normally takes me forever to make up my mind at what I should get--I Google swatches like mad, lol.