Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quick haul post

Before going to the game last night (which we had to leave "early" because it went into extra innings & we had a 2 1/2 hour drive back & our son needed to go to school today.  Giants ended up winning though!) we stopped at a couple of places in Madison so I could look for nail polish & another melmer from Michael's (which I got since they're on sale).  I had 2 coupons for Sally's (one $5 off $5 or more for buying a beauty card & the May birthday $10 off $20 or more--I had my bf use the $5 off one) & this is what I picked up:
China Glaze Glam-More, Jade-d, Gleam Me Up, Luminous Lavender, Agro, Orly Snowcone
I know a lot of people are over the crackle polish, but I have all the other China Glaze crackles & I like using them from time to time.  I picked up Orly Snowcone (which is a lovely color) because Agro alone wasn't over $5 for my bf to use the coupon, but I'm kicking myself for not picking up Out The Door or Seche Vite (which was on sale 2 for $10).  I love China Glaze & I have a want list a mile long, but it's not very easy for me to get.  I'm really hoping to get a big haul & wipe out a lot of my want list next month--keep your fingers crossed for me.

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