Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Syrup nails

A few months ago I read on a blog (sorry, I don't remember which one) about syrup nails--how you use a sheer polish & layer it so it goes from light to dark like syrup dripping.  For both hands I used Julep base coat & Pure Ice Rio.
Left hand syrup nails
Rio is a very pretty magenta color with purple shimmer.  On my left hand I started at the tips & worked up in sections, having 4 total sections (not sure how well you can tell from the picture).  I really like how it looks.
Right hand syrup nails (disregard the short index & middle nails)
On my right hand I started by putting a coat of Rio over the whole nail & then went in 3 sections & added less & less to the nail (full coat, 2/3 of the nail, just tips)--I don't like how this looks as much as the left hand.  Overall I do like the syrup look & will do it again with other sheer polishes I have (& Rio--I love this color), it's just something quick & simple.
& here's a picture of a couple of polishes I picked up when I went to Walmart.  I'd been looking at these colors for awhile & finally bought them.
NYC Lexington Yellow, High Line Green, Water Street Blue

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  1. I've been wanting to try this and after seeing yours I wanna try even more :P