Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's been too long...

Hi all!  It feels like I haven't written on here in forever even though I know it's only been a little over a week.  We were gone for 4 days when we went to my boyfriend's Aunt's funeral & afterward I just didn't really feel like painting my nails or writing (I wore China Glaze Pelican Gray for the wake & funeral & added Dandy Nails Colorblind² over it afterward--LOVE both polishes, but didn't seem right to take pictures).
I finally changed my mani yesterday & decided to go with something bright & happy, but not neon so I grabbed Orly Snowcone.  OMG--this polish is perfect!  I only had to use 1 coat!  I used 1 coat of Julep basecoat under it.  The color is a cornflower blue & it's a color my Grandma would have loved.
Orly Snowcone
& here's a picture of the polish I've gotten since my last post:
Wet n Wild Wet Cement, Essie Mojito Madness, Julep Drew, Sienna, Emilie, Fast Dry Topcoat, lip balm, nail file 
The Wet n Wild I got off of for $0.01 after using credit, the Essie I just bought at Walmart (held off buying 3 others of the collection since I hate paying full price, but I HAD to have this one--I LOVE the color), & the Juleps are from the June mystery box.  I love that Julep ships so fast, but I always get the smallest mystery box so I'm not sure if I'll get another.  The colors are alright & I guess I'm glad to have another fast dry topcoat, but I could do without the lip balm or nail file.
Anyway, I HAD to use Mojito Madness so I just quickly added a tip to my Snowcone mani:
I love this combo & will probably add on the rest of the tips when I'm done writing this.
Hope all of you have a lovely weekned--it's in the high 80s in Wisconsin so I'm glad we're just sitting home & not really doing anything, lol.
**Here's a link to to sign up & get $10 in free credit to use:

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