Thursday, August 2, 2012

An indie & a lemming

Today I have for you 365 Days of Color Funfetti.  I love this color (& others like it)--it really does look like Funfetti frosting (when my brother saw my nails that's the first thing he said).
365 Days of Color Funfetti
This was my first time using Funfetti & as much as I love the look of this polish, it was a pain in the ass to put on!  This is 2 coats (with a coat of Seche Vite over it), but the polish is thick & the glitter clumps really bad (probably because it is so thick).  I need to ask 365 Days of Color if I can add some thinner to it--I really don't want to mess up a $10+ bottle of polish.
I finally got my last polish from HUGE lemming for me:
OPI I Lily Love You
I'm SO happy I finally got this polish!  When my bf saw it he said "don't you have a polish exactly like that?"  What does he know?  I did put this on over my pedi of China Glaze Strawberry Fields & it looks AMAZING.  I almost took a picture to post on here, but I really don't care for feet & I know a lot of other people don't either so I'll just do the combo as a mani at some point.
I'd REALLY like to have a giveaway once I reach 150 followers on here & at least 50 on my Facebook page.

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