Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Zoya haul!

This is just a quick post of the Zoya polishes I bought when they had their latest BOGO sale.  The only reason I got these is because my wonderful husband let me use his gift card he got from work :o).
Zoya Elisa, Song, Suri, Ray, Noot, Evvie

Zoya Paloma, Frida, Katherine, Natty, Monica, Daul
 When I showed my husband these & asked what he thought he was like "these are awesome", lol.  I thought his favorite would be Song since he loves blue, but his favorites were Elisa & Suri (& neither of us really care for red).
& of course I need to include an updated picture of my Zoya/Julep polish drawer.  99 Zoyas--I'd really love to get Harlow to complete my matte collection, but when I can find it the price is $15+.
Did you order anything from this BOGO sale?

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