Monday, August 20, 2012

Let's compare! (Also, blogger help needed)

Sorry I've been MIA (& if you saw on my Facebook page--which you all should like--I did say I'd have this post up yesterday, so sorry about that too), but I did get married while out East & then after we got back my husband had knee surgery & I got sick & then he also got sick.  We're doing better now & he went back to the doctor today & got his stitches out.
I decided to do a post comparing the rainbow glitter polishes I have.  I keep buying them & still want others (*DL Happy Birthday & OPI Rainbow Connection*), but I don't ever wear them & really had no clue what each looked like on the nail.
Can you name the glitters?
I put 1 coat of glitter over 2 coats of Essie Marshmallow since I wanted the glitters to pop & to see if the base coats had any tint.  Here are the glitters I used & what I think of each:
Thumb: Confetti Tazmanian Devil.  This one was my favorite (& my husband's too).  It has micro, small & medium glitters & the colors I could see were silver, light blue, pink/purple, green, orange & gold.  This was pretty smooth when it dried, it probably wouldn't need a top coat.  It was also pretty easy to take off.
Index: Funky Fingers Confetti.  This one is all medium glitters & the colors I could see were silver, light blue, pink/purple, green, orange & gold.  I like this one, but I do like having different sized glitters.  This one was a bit rough & would need a top coat, but came off pretty easily.
Middle: Jordana Gemstones.  This one has small & medium glitters & the colors I could see were red, gold, green, blue, pink/purple & silver (more colors than I could tell were actually in it--maybe I need better lighting).  This one clumped up a bit while putting it on & is rough & would need a top coat.  This one was a pain to take off.
Ring: Nicole by OPI Rainbow In The S-Kylie.  This one has small, medium & large glitters in it.  The large glitters (from what I could see) were only silver.  The other glitters were silver, light blue, pink/purple, orange, green & gold.  This one is rough & would need a top coat & was also a pain to take off.
Pinkie: NYX Girls Carnival.  This one has small & medium glitters, but you don't get as many out as some of the others.  The colors I saw were red, gold, green, blue, orange, pink/purple & silver.  This one is the smoothest & wouldn't need a top coat.  Was easy to take off.
I hope this comparison helps someone, lol.  I'm going to have to make sure to actually use these for a mani one of these days.  Which one is your favorite?

**Blogger help**
If someone could please send me directions as to how I can add a wish list, trade list & stash list to the top of my blog I would be so grateful!  I keep trying & I can't get it & I'm afraid I'm just going to mess up my blog.  Thanks for any & all help!


  1. Love the polishes! I think the NYX one is my favorite, after seeing them all together.

    As for Blogger - you need to make your pages, then in your "layout", make sure you put the "pages" gadget in the long area at the top where it says 'Add a gadget'. I have mine placed on the top right side, but you can place it pretty much anywhere. If you need any help, feel free to email me at

    1. Thanks--my husband really liked that one too.

      Thanks for the help, but I'm not sure how to even make a page, lol. I see where to put them & whatnot though. I'm pretty slow at this blogging stuff, lol.

  2. lol, ok.
    In Blogger draft, look to the left, there should be a tab that says 'Pages'.
    Click that, and now you should have a drop down that says 'new page'. Here you can create a page, or send a reader to another website address. Choose which one you want (which I'm assuming will be a blank page for your blog). There's also another drop down below and to the right of that (they've changed things on me since I've last done this - much easier!) where you can decide where you want your pages displayed (it says 'show pages as' then the drop down next to it.), you would want to pick 'top tabs' since you want your pages at the top of your blog. Voila!

    1. Thank you SO much for your help! I had to update to the new version, but I got it! :o)