Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm (not) a Barbie Girl

Hi all!  How's your week been?  So far it's been cold & rainy here & I think it's going to stay that way for awhile--blah.  Here's the mani I did on Saturday:
I used a coat of Julep base coat & then put on 3 coats of OPI Pink Friday.  Pink Friday isn't my favorite pink & it applies streaky, but after 3 coats it evened out pretty well.  On my ring & middle nails I used OPI I Lily Love You & I like the color the tinted base turns Pink Friday into.  Over the rest of my nails I added a coat of Lush Lacquer Salt n Peppa--this is by far my favorite black & white glitter polish from the ones I own.  The picture does wash the color out a little bit, but I really love this combo (my husband said it's too girly for me, lol).Here's an update of the new polishes I've gotten:
Zoya Jacqueline, Neely, Sharon, Julie, Gie Gie, Piaf, Trixie & Different Dimension Right to Vote
Yes, I have put myself on a bit on a no-buy, but these Zoyas are LE & I had color spoon credits & share the love points that I used.  Right to Vote is a polish that Different Dimension is sending people who send her the proof that they vote (& $4, but that's amazing for an indie!).
**I'm adding Zoya Mikka (along with the color spoon) to my swap list since I just can't get myself to like the color--very vampy & would work great for Halloween/Fall, it's just not for me.  Please contact me if interested.

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