Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let's Have A Giveaway!

As a thank you to all of my followers here on my blog (SO close to 100!) & on my Facebook page (over 125!) I am having a giveaway, but the prize is a surprise.  I really do hope that the winner will like it & at least comment on my blog & let everyone know what they got (or write a small blog/Facebook post on it).

Anyway, it will be from 12:01 am on Oct. 21 until 12:01 am on Oct. 31.  Both of these dates are special to me--my paternal Grandma & Grandpa got married on Oct. 21, 1950.  My Grandma was always the person who meant the world to me & I've missed her like crazy the last 10+ years since she passed away (I have a tattoo on my wrist of her first name in her handwriting).  I never got to know my Grandpa because he drowned when my dad was only 3, but I have been told that he really loved my Grandma.  October 31 is Halloween of course, but it's also my mom's birthday & I make her homemade lasagna every year.

*Open to US residents only--sorry to everyone not in the US, but I'd rather not deal with sending polish out of the country.
*I'm not responsible if the package gets damaged on its way to you (I honestly hope it doesn't!).
*The winner will be chosen within 48 hours of the giveaway closing & will have 24 hours to respond back.  If the winner does not respond within 24 hours I will choose a new winner until the prize is claimed.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I tried to leave my e-mail for your giveaway in the Rafflecopter, but it didn't have a box for it. Just thought I'd let you know.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I changed it so you can actaully add your address in now. :o)

  2. I got my prizes, thank you so much! Want to see what I got?