Friday, February 8, 2013

Sports nails & a small haul

In today's post I'll be sharing a couple "sports nails" I've had on in the past week or so.
First, I'll start with a mani I did for a wrestling tournament my son went to:
ManGlaze Butt Taco, Zoya Dovima
I used three coats of ManGlaze Butt Taco for the orange & two coats of Zoya Dovima for the black.  I didn't use a basecoat for either & Butt Taco stained like hell.  I did buy some Walmart brand denture tablets & used two in a bit of water to soak my nails for about 10 minutes & the stains were basically gone.
Next up are the nails I did for the Super Bowl.  I'm an Atlanta Falcons fan & there wasn't really a team a was cheering for or against this year so I did a hand for both teams:
49ers nails

Ravens nails
For the 49ers nails I used one coat of Zoya Elisa with one coat of Zoya Gilty over it with an accent nail of two coats Zoya Ziv with a few red glequins (I don't have a red glitter polish in a clear base).  The Ravens nails (sorry for the picture being fuzzy--I can't take right handed pictures with my new camera, it's too big) aren't as blingy, but I used three coats of e.l.f. Purple Drea with an accent nail of two coats Zoya Storm.  I covered everything in a coat of Seche Vite.  All of the Zoya polishes covered amazingly well & went on perfectly, but the e.l.f. polish was a bit horrible--very thin/sheer & the dragging was awful.  The color of Purple Drea is lovely, but I'm not sure if I'll use it again unless I can find a polish to layer it over.
Next up is just a quick picture I'd like to share with you.  Yesterday was 6 months since my husband & I got married (we were together over 10 years before we got married) & tomorrow we're having our "reception" at my in-laws bar so I bought two of the Zoya PixieDust polishes to wear (Godiva & London) & I tried them on using London as an accent nail.  Thankfully I did because I didn't like how it looked & I'll only being wearing Godiva tomorrow, but I did try something out & I like how it looks:
I added a coat of Zoya Frida, Paloma, & Katherine over Godiva & made new PixieDust colors (London is on my ring finger)!  The gloss/jelly polishes didn't change the texture of the PixieDust polish at all & they're still matte--I really like how they look.
& here are the few polishes I've gotten in the last couple of weeks:
Black Cat Lacquer Let Them Eat Cake, Zoya Godiva & London, Pure Ice Splash!, e.l.f. Purple Drea & Misty Haze

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