Friday, March 1, 2013

100th post--Zoya PixieDust!

Today's post is my 100th & what better way to celebrate than with the Zoya PixieDust collection?!
Zoya PixieDust collection
First up is Dahlia:
Zoya Dahlia
I'm thinking that this name is for the "Black Dahlia" Elizabeth Short.  Anyway, this polish is perfect black matte sparkle--applies like a dream (all of the PixieDust polishes do) & covers in two coats.
Zoya Chyna
OMG!  This polish is beyond beautiful!  The only PixieDust polish that doesn't have silver glitter, but the developers knew what they were doing--the red glitter makes this polish.  Covering in two coats, Chyna is deep, sexy & amazing--this should be the new classic red.
**Side note: Chyna is the name of the main character in Dean Koontz's book "Intensity"--the book is a must read!
Zoya Godiva
This polish covers in two coats & is an amazing nude.  I thought that this polish might look too tan on me, but it actually goes great with my skin tone.  I wore this three weeks ago to my wedding reception & it was flawless when I took it off after four days (besides the fact that I messed up both index & middle nails tying balloons).
Zoya Vespa
Vespa is a very light sea foam green that takes three coats to fully cover.  I really like this color, but (being a green lover) I wish they'd make a darker green PixieDust polish also.
Zoya Nyx
Nyx is a light periwinkle blue & it also takes three coats to cover.  This picture was taken after a week of wear & there wasn't much difference between these nails & the freshly painted ones.
Zoya London
London is a smoky grey polish & in the picture I have two coats on.  After seeing the picture I think three coats would have been better for this polish.

I love these polishes--my favorites are Godiva (for every day) & Chyna (for a bold, sexy look).  I can already say that these polishes are going to be my go-to polishes when I can't decide on what to wear since they go on in 2-3 coats & dry so quickly (I actually grabbed Nyx last weekend when I couldn't decide on what else to do with my nails).

The polishes sell for $9 each & can be bought from Zoya.

*These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.


  1. Lovely review. I love this entire collection!

    1. Wow--a blogger celebrity commented on my blog!! I really love the PixieDust polishes & can't wait for the new colors to come out!