Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun with Zoya

This isn't a review on the new Zoya polishes (which I know I need to get done), but I did use the Stunning collection for a couple of cute manis lately.
First off, I wore 5 of the polishes (all except Yana) as a rainbow skittle mani:
Thumb-Pinkie: Zoya Rocky, Josie, Darcy, Thandie, Micky
After wearing that mani for a few days & then wearing nothing on my nails I decided to try using the polishes in a water marble (something I've only tried once or twice & it never really turned out well):

I will say that I love how this turned out even though it's not perfect.  I used a base coat of white polish & on my right hand I went Yana, Rocky, Josie, Darcy, Thandie, Micky in the water ("purple", blue, green, yellow, orange, pink) & on my left hand I did the reverse order--you can see the difference in which colors are the most dominate on my nails.  The Stunning collection worked wonderful as a water marble & I don't want to take it off!

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