Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Born Pretty Store rhinestone review

It's been longer than I wanted it to be since I last blogged, but to be honest my nails have been naked for almost 2 weeks now *gasp!*.

Here's my review for http://www.bornprettystore.com/350pcs-resin-rhinestone-acrylic-nail-wbox-p-5002.html.

I started off using a skittle of colors that matched the rhinestones pretty well (thumb-pinky the colors were: Finger Paints Watermelon Watercolor, Sinful Colors Cinderella, Finger Paints I Spy-der, Finger Paints Itsy Bitsy Spider & Sinful Colors Unicorn).  Most of the colors are pretty sheer & require at least two coats.  Once the polish was mostly dry I applied 1 rhinestone of the "matching" color to each nail (I just dipped a dotting tool into a bit of clear polish to pick up each rhinestone).  I liked the look, but wanted to see what the "white" rhinestones looked like so I applied 1 to the blue & purple nails & since they didn't look much different I decided to put a rhinestone of a different color on each nail so I put a dark pink one on the yellow nail, light pink on the purple nail, blue on the light pink nail, yellow on the blue nail & a purple one on the dark pink nail--you can't really tell much of a difference except in the dark pink rhinestones, but I like how this looks they'd be great to use for Easter.
Use the link above to get the rhinestones I used for this mani, but also check out everything else Born Pretty Store has to offer!  Don't forget to use the code BPL91 to get 10% off of your order!

*Items in this post were sent to me for my honest review*

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