Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another haul update

Here's a post about the latest nail polish & whatnot I've gotten.
Zoya Fall PixieDust
I am so far behind on reviews!  I really just need to sit down for a day or two & swatch/take pics so I have them to go for blog post...
Sinful Colors 24/7, Anchors Away, Tidal Wave, My Buoyfriend; Maybelline Dotty, Blue Marks The Spot

Wet n Wild clear nail protector, Poppy, The Clock Strikes Orange; Sally Hansen Sugar Fix, Tweedy; Fing'rs My Boyfriend Matte

Fing'rs tattoos & decals--Pow! Wow! Bam!, Map it out, Take Note, P.S. I Love You, So Animated, Master of Disguise
I got all of this at Walgreens except the Fing'rs items--those are from the Heart 2 Art display that is at *some* Walmarts (I emailed the company & asked which Walmarts in my area had the display--I found these a little over an hour from where I live--of course the Walmart in my town doesn't have them!).  I LOVE the tattoo papers--I really wish they would make these into permanent items in their line.
Last, but not least is my nail mail from today:
Rainbow Honey Special World

Rainbow Honey Special World

Rainbow Honey Special World

Rainbow Honey Special World--#2 of 100!
Dee from Rainbow Honey made a limited edition polish for her birthday & I loved the look of it (I'm all about neon matte & shaped glitters right now) so I bought a bottle.  As you can see I got #2 of 100 & Dee signed the box!  I can't wait to wear this!
What have you gotten lately?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mint Mani for Talia Joy

I had heard of Talia Joy Castellano, the 13 year old beauty blogger who had two forms of cancer, when she was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show & became an honorary CoverGirl, but I had never watched any of her YouTube videos until last night/this morning.  She passed away on Tuesday & my heart goes out to her family & friends.  In her honor, blogger Nail Polish Wars (Facebook) came up with the idea of doing mint manis today.  My mani is very simple, but I like the way it turned out:

I used two coats of Pure Ice Home Run for the mint color & three coats of Pure Ice Castle of Dreams for the blue middle nail.  I topped everything with a couple of coats of Diamond Dry & added a puffy heart glitter to each nail (I didn't notice the one on my thumb had ripped in half until after my picture).
I added the blue accent nail in honor of my Uncle Marv who passed away from prostate cancer 4 years ago today (the prostate cancer awareness ribbon is sky blue).  Overall today/this weekend has been very sad & depressing & I just keep thinking one thing...
FUCK cancer!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Polish Addict Nail Color Fireflies

This last weekend/start of the week my husband, son, in-laws & I all went camping at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  Now when I say camping I'm not talking about being in a camper or cabin--we drive about 8 1/2 hours north (not including stops for gas & to eat & whatnot), unload 3 canoes & fill them with our supplies, canoe for about an hour over two lakes, portage for another hour or so (less for me since I only take one trip while the guys take 2-3), pack all of our gear back into the canoes & go for another 20 minutes or so until we're at camp--then we need to unpack the canoes & set up tents.  This is my fourth year going & it is truly beautiful up there, but I can't swim so being on the water makes me a bit nervous (I'm getting more used to it).  While we were there we decided to go to the farthest end of the lake we camp on (East Pike Lake) which took a few hours.  So lots of fishing, canoeing, & some rain, but it really was a wonderful time & I wish we would have stayed longer.

For the trip I decided I wanted to wear Polish Addict Nail Color Fireflies since I wouldn't be changing my polish & Fireflies obviously makes sense as a camping mani.  I forgot/didn't have time to take a picture when my mani was fresh, but even at a week old, using my crappy point & shoot camera & under all the conditions it went through I don't think it looks bad (a little bit of growth & some tip wear):
I started off with a basecoat, one coat of Sinful Colors Unicorn so it was easier to build the color up & the two coats of Fireflies.  Fireflies is a very pretty pale yellow based polish with small matte orange bar glitter, small neon yellow hex glitter, shards of blue glitter & pink & purple butterfly glitters.  The butterfly glitters cam out pretty easily, but I did place them on my nails (I got 12 out total & I didn't have to fish for any of them).  I topped everything with a coat of Diamond Dry & let it dry for a few minutes before adding a thin coat of China Glaze Ghoulish Glow & then a coat of Seche Vite.  These nails were (& still are since I haven't taken them off yet) very cute while camping & even though I added the glow in the dark polish over everything I could still see the glitters underneath.

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July nails & newest hual

Hope everyone had a great 4th!  My family & I didn't do much, but we will be going to a pretty great semi-private fireworks display on Saturday (people we know get a permit to buy/light off fireworks that would otherwise be illegal in Wisconsin).  Here are the nails that I did for the 4th & will be sporting all weekend:
I used 2 coats of Pure Ice Platinum Magic Base Coat then added 3 strips of stipping tape per nail & brushed on OPI Gone Gonzo! for the blue part & China Glaze Love Marilyn for the red (it's the only red glitter polish I have that doesn't have a black base) & then added 1 coat of Seche Vite to top it all off.  I really love this design & it was pretty simple.  This mani was inspired by another blogger, but I don't remember who (sorry!).
Today I went to the Sally closest to where I live (about 50 minutes or so from me) to see if they had any good red tags deals since it's 50% off red tag items this weekend.  I didn't find any red tag deals, but I did get some Finger Paints polish since they are buy 2 get 1 free this month:
Finger Paints Pink Perspective, Iconic Orange, Leonardo's Lime, Silkscreen Green, Inkblot Blue, Peacock Portrait
I also bought some cotton pads that have a plastic back for the times when I mess up a nail or two & need to take off my polish.  I do make sure to look at my receipt from Sally's--it didn't take off one of the polishes so the lady had to refund my money.
I also stopped by the Walmart by Sally's to see if they had the new Fing'rs display since the Walmart in my town sucks & doesn't have it yet (wouldn't be surprised if they never do)--I found the display, but there wasn't any of the tattoo sheets or decals left & that's all I want, but I did find the Salon Perfect Floam dupes!
Salon Perfect Exploded, Bang, Jolt, Zapped, Kaboom, Shocked
I *love* these!  I can't believe I don't use Floam or Elemental Styles Neon Lights (mostly yellow with pink) more.
I also got my Polish Addict Nail Color polishes I bought in the mail today:
Polish Addict Nail Color Fireflies, Hypnotize

Polish Addict Nail Color Fireflies, Hypnotize
I'm loving these too & they were on sale for $5!  Fireflies has butterfly glitter (I've been wanting a polish with butterfly glitter) & it glows in the dark!
Can't wait to try out all my new pretties--I wish I didn't like my mani & pedi (Zoya Arizona with Rainbow Honey Magic Cake over it--so cute) so much!  Have a great weekend!