Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another haul update

Here's a post about the latest nail polish & whatnot I've gotten.
Zoya Fall PixieDust
I am so far behind on reviews!  I really just need to sit down for a day or two & swatch/take pics so I have them to go for blog post...
Sinful Colors 24/7, Anchors Away, Tidal Wave, My Buoyfriend; Maybelline Dotty, Blue Marks The Spot

Wet n Wild clear nail protector, Poppy, The Clock Strikes Orange; Sally Hansen Sugar Fix, Tweedy; Fing'rs My Boyfriend Matte

Fing'rs tattoos & decals--Pow! Wow! Bam!, Map it out, Take Note, P.S. I Love You, So Animated, Master of Disguise
I got all of this at Walgreens except the Fing'rs items--those are from the Heart 2 Art display that is at *some* Walmarts (I emailed the company & asked which Walmarts in my area had the display--I found these a little over an hour from where I live--of course the Walmart in my town doesn't have them!).  I LOVE the tattoo papers--I really wish they would make these into permanent items in their line.
Last, but not least is my nail mail from today:
Rainbow Honey Special World

Rainbow Honey Special World

Rainbow Honey Special World

Rainbow Honey Special World--#2 of 100!
Dee from Rainbow Honey made a limited edition polish for her birthday & I loved the look of it (I'm all about neon matte & shaped glitters right now) so I bought a bottle.  As you can see I got #2 of 100 & Dee signed the box!  I can't wait to wear this!
What have you gotten lately?

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