Monday, November 25, 2013

Zoya Fall 2013 PixieDust review

*The polishes in this post were sent to me for my honest review.
Today's post is for the Fall 20The13 PixieDust polishes from Zoya.  These are my favorite PixieDust polishes by far.
Zoya Tomoko
Tomoko is silver-white champagne with silver glitter.  Ugh, my camera couldn't/wouldn't get the color of this polish right--my picture is way too yellow.  This polish applied like a dream (I honestly think all of the PixieDust polishes do) & covered in two coats.  This is such a pretty neutral & I think it would look great as a wedding polish.
Zoya Chita
Chita is hunter green with silver glitter.  This covered in one coat!  If I was wearing this for more than just swatching/review I would probably add on a second coat just for peace of mind, lol.  I love this polish, but I love green so that's no surprise.  Reminds of pine trees.
Zoya Sunshine
Sunshine is dark blue with silver glitter.  This polish could also be a one coater, but when I went to take pictures I saw a bald spot on my thumb so I did add a second coat, but if you were careful this could easily be a one coater.  I didn't notice any staining with the polish, but I didn't wear it very long either.  This color reminds me of dark denim--love it.
Zoya Carter
Carter is violet with violet glitter.  This polish took two coats to cover.  I honest didn't think I'd like this one much before I put it on, but I love it & I'm sure I'll wear it with Chita at some point since I love green & purple together.
Zoya Arabella
Arabella is fuchsia pink with fuchsia & silver glitter.  This is another possible one coater, but I used two.  Another very pretty berry colored polish.
Zoya Dhara
Dhara is deep orange with gold glitter.  Another one coater!  I love this color--reminds me of pumpkins and leaves changing color.

All PixieDust polishes are $9 each & are available from

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