Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Zoya Island Fun sponging

Just a quick post showing the nails I did the other night while watching "How To Train Your Dragon":
Zoya Nana, Demetria, Jace, Talia & Serenity
I used five of the colors from Zoya's Island Fun collection (I had planned on also using Cecilia, but I thought it wouldn't be enough of a contrast to Talia).  I just used a makeup sponge & painted the two colors on it & sponged my nails straight over a base coat.  Most of the polishes covered well, but Demetria (orange) & Jace (green) were a little thinner & took a bit more polish to cover.  I added Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat to finish.  This is only the second or third time I've done sponged nails & I think these turned out well, I really like them.
What's your favorite color combo from these?  Mine's the pinky nail with Talia & Serenity.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gel nails?!?! What?

Earlier this month my husband, son & I went to Seattle for a week on vacation.  I knew I wanted to have gel nails for the trip just so I wouldn't have to worry about/deal with my nails for that week.  I didn't want to go get my nails done (I never have--rather do them myself) so I went online & bought a Sensationail LED lamp, Elite99 base & top coats, & two Elite99 Chameleon polishes--5727 which I thought was black/teal when I saw/bought it online, but is actually a purple/teal & 9037 which is a pink/white (actually clear).  The polishes went on well (loved how my nails looked with just the base coat on) & I don't think I messed anything up--I wore the polish for 16+ days before I took them off & besides my nail growth nothing was wrong with them.
Elite99 5727 & 9037
The picture is just a quick one I took on my ipod touch before we left.  I liked the purple/teal polish better than the pink/clear one (it wasn't as thick even though I used 3 coats of each polish).  I *loved* wearing these nails, but I don't think gel nails are for me.  Having to file my actual nail (as in the top of my nails) for the gel polish to adhere wasn't my favorite thing & then having to scrape the gel polish off after I'd soaked my nails in acetone...I felt like I was ruining my nails.  Honestly if it wasn't for those two things I would probably end up wearing gel polish all the time, but I'm not sure if I'm okay with the wear on my nails--& even though I know I get lazy a lot, I still like to change my polish quite a bit.
Are you a regular or gel polish lover?  Ever use the other?  What are your thoughts?