Sunday, March 22, 2015

nail-aid Acetone Power Gel review

I've seen the nail-aid Acetone Power Gels at Wal-Mart, but never thought to buy them, but after reading a couple of reviews & watching a couple others I thought that for $3.88 I may as well give it a shot if I could take off glitter polish in four minutes.
I still had on my mani from last weekend (which I posted about yesterday) since I've been sick & haven't felt like doing my nails & I thoughts that it'd be great to test this out on.
I started with just my pointer finger on my left hand:
I waited the four minutes like it says to (& yes, it was cold like I've read on other reviews, but acetone is always pretty cold to me--nothing that I can't handle though, it didn't make my fingers "sting" or anything) & then wiped it off with a paper towel:
Hmmm...that basically did nothing.  So I dipped all five fingers from my left hand in the gel, waited another four minutes & wiped it off again:
Again...not much of anything happened.  A little bit came off of my pointer finger, but that's because this was the second time for that nail.
I'm not sure if this didn't work because my mani was a week old or if it's because I had a few layers of polish on or what, but either way this *didn't* work for me & that's really disappointing since I'd rather not do the foil method to take off glitter polish (which I ended up doing) & also because this gel claims to work--it doesn't say anything about how old your mani is or how many layers of polish you have on (& this was just *one* layer of glitter polish!).  I'll test this again the next time I wear glitter polish, but I'm not getting my hopes up that it'll actually work.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Today's post is the first of a double post this weekend (the next one will be up tomorrow at noon).

Last weekend I tried & failed a couple of times to do a mani (the base & top coats weren't working in my favor) so I went with something completely different--& ended up hating it.  Oh well, let me show you what it looked like:
NOPI Kim-Pletely In Love with Rainbow Honey Elevate & Special World glitters
I started off with Nicole by OPI Kim-Pletely In Love as a base color.  This polish was one of the Kardashian polishes from a couple of years ago--it's a very light pink with blue shimmer.  It's a pretty color, but it took four coats to cover.  I was already pretty sick of doing my nails by this point, but the light pink looked so bad with my skin tone & I was not going to start over so I grabbed a couple Rainbow Honey glitter toppers--Elevate & Special World--& added them.  I added a couple different top coats to smooth everything down & even though the glitter helped I still didn't really care for this mani.
What do you think--love?  hate?  indifferent?  Do you ever wear a mani even if you don't love it?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring is near...ish

I'm trying to go through my polishes & wear ones that I haven't worn (or don't think I've worn). Today I picked out three Finger Paints polishes that I've had for a bit & since Spring is near I think they're a good fit.
Finger Paints Springtime Bloom, Mistful Thinking & Hollywood Decadence
Finger Paints Springtime Bloom, Mistful Thinking & Hollywood Decadence
Finger Paints Springtime Bloom, Mistful Thinking & Hollywood Decadence
Springtime Bloom is a bubblegum/Barbie pink (darker than in the pictures) creme.  This covered perfectly in two coats (could possibly cover in one) & dries to a shiny finish.
Mistful Thinking is a lime green (the second photo is the most color-accurate) creme that covered well in two coats (possibly could have added another) & dries to a satin finish.
Hollywood Decadence has a pink-milk base with pink, blue & gold glitters.  I'm sure this could be built up in a couple of coats, but I used one coat over a coat of Springtime Bloom (which makes SB look lighter).  This polish dries matte.
I really like the Finger Paints polishes I've tried (I think they're only available from Sally Beauty & maybe online??).  I love this color combo (I've always liked pink & green together) & I like the combo of finishes also.  I might have to re-wear this in a month or so...