Monday, December 21, 2015

Zoya Mystery Box 2015--spoilers!

I wanted to buy the Zoya Mystery Box this year since I got the Qtica Intense Lip Therapy Balm in last year's mystery box & I *love* it, but don't really want to spend $12 on it.  Did I get it again in this year's box?  Let's find out (spoilers ahead, so if you don't want to know what's in this year's box please click out of this post):
Zoya 2015 Mystery Box
Zoya had the mystery boxes for sale on Cyber Monday for $20 with free shipping & promised us "7 of our favorite products".  The box itself is a nice black box & each of the products are in individual black boxes (except one silver box) inside so this would be a great gift or you could break up the box & give the products as multiple gifts.  There's also a card listing the products & a Naked Manicure booklet & Qtica booklet.  Technically the box came with 8 products (maybe the mini remove + was thrown in as filler?) which I'll list below:
-Cindy (sheer gold glitter)
-Renee (red cream)
-Marjorie (metallic plum)
These three polishes are from the Redbook limited edition collection & honestly were not something I was interested in buying at all, the colors are just plain/blah/too common to me.  I really do think that these were added to the mystery box because they probably didn't sell as well as Zoya had hoped for.  Retails for $27.
-Qtica Intense Lip Therapy Balm
Like I said, I *love* this lip balm & have almost completely used the one from last year's box.  So happy that it was in this year's box also.  Retails for $12.
-mini remove +
-Naked Base
-Naked Manicure Glossy Seal
-mini Pink Perfector
These polishes are from the Naked Manicure line which I think is supposed to "correct" the flaws in your nails (yellowing & whatnot) depending on the color perfector you use.  I wasn't very interested in any of these polishes when they came out either.  They seemed kinda gimmicky to me & not worth the money & from the couple of blogger reviews I've read (I've only read a couple!), they don't seem overly wonderful.  I'm wondering if these were also added into the box because they are selling like Zoya hoped?  The base & glossy seal retail for $12 each & the "normal" size of Pink Perfector is $10.
Buying the box means you also got a code in your account for 50% off $50 or more plus free shipping, which is a pretty nice code (& I've already used mine).

Was this box worth $20 to me?  Absolutely since my favorite lip product was included & it's $12 alone.  Would I have bought most of these polishes on my own?  No, but I see that as a plus since I don't already own any of them & I *LOVE* Zoya & I do own *a lot* of their polishes.  What do you think of this box?  Did you buy it?  Do you wish you had/hadn't?  Are you giving this as a gift?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

New Sinful Colors polishes?!?!?!

Yesterday I stopped by two different Walgreens (the closest ones to me--about 45-60 minutes away) & I picked up five Sinful Colors polishes I hoped I didn't already have (I didn't!).  I always look up colors that I don't think I've seen before & when I looked these up I couldn't find anything on two of them so I'll show you those now:
Sinful Colors Mist-erious & Love Bombs
Sinful Colors Mist-erious & Love Bombs
Sinful Colors Love Bombs
Sinful Colors Mist-erious & Love Bombs
I'm not sure how the Sinful Colors numbers work (bad nail blogger, I know), but as you can see in the second picture the colors are Mist-erious 1593 & Love Bombs 1710.  Like I said, I didn't find anything on Google about either of these colors & I didn't get a picture of the display (again, bad nail blogger), but the display was on the top of the shelf & I know for certain that other colors in it are from different collections (I bought Devil's Stare from the same display & that was part of this year's Halloween collection & Snow Me White was also in the display & that's a permanent color).  I'm assuming that Love Bombs is part of the 2016 Valentine's collection & that it may be the Love Bombs collection (this is just my guess from the stick on the handle), but either way that color is/will be for a limited time.  Anyone have any information on these?
Even if I can't tell you what collection these are from or if they are new or not I *can* still tell you about the formula of the polishes:
Mist-erious is a periwinkle blue with gold shift.  I used two coats & honestly could have gotten away with one if I used just slightly thicker coats.  This polish is GORGEOUS & the formula is everything I wished Cinderella was.
Sinful Colors Mist-erious & Cinderella for comparison
Love Bombs is a "clear" base with blue shift (you can see it on the top of my middle nail where I wore two coats of Love Bombs alone) & light pink, magenta & silver glitters through out.  There's also blue heart glitters, but they are very sparse & I had to fish the one out that you see in the picture. You could wear this alone like I did on my middle nail, but I think that it works best as a topper. 
I do like both of these polishes & I'm glad I bought both, but Mist-erious is my favorite.