Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Those are the breaks

About a week ago I noticed that my pointer nail on my right hand had broke on the left side & that it was almost all the way down to my finger (that's what I get for cleaning/organizing my house!).  I know that I could have just left the rest of my nails alone, but I'd rather they all be one length & I was planning on cutting them down anyway (just not this short).
After cutting all my nails I grabbed a couple polishes I bought not long ago, but haven't used yet (I really want to use my untried polishes this year):
Wet n Wild Navy Intelligence & Basic Beach

Wet n Wild Navy Intelligence & Basic Beach
Wet n Wild Navy Intelligence & Basic Beach are both Dollar General exclusives & they're both part of the WnW Fast Dry line.
I used two coats of each polish over a base coat & they both covered amazingly.  Navy Intelligence (darker of the two) does have a couple spots on my nails where it isn't covered as well, but that's from me painting my nails at night in a room with bad lighting--it has nothing to do with the polish.  I also used Glisten & Glow HKGirl top coat.
I love both of these polishes & I love the two blues together.  I'm also surprisingly loving my short nails--it's freeing in a way not having to deal with long nails.

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