Monday, February 22, 2016

"When all the stars were falling, they fell from above..."

Another stamping mani today.  I really am trying to get the hang of nail stamping so I'm sorry if you don't really like care for it.
Here is what I used for this mani:
*Color Club Over the Moon--two coats for full coverage on my index, middle & pinkie nails & I also used it for the stamping
*Wet n Wild Black Creme--two coats for full coverage on my thumb & ring nails
*Out The Door top coat (which I forgot I ever bought)
*plate OM-37 which I bought off ebay

This mani didn't turn out exactly like I had it pictured in my head, but I like it & my husband really liked it.  I may do a mani similar to this if I ever get some of the other stamping plates I ordered off of ebay.

**The title is part of the song "When All The Stars Were Falling" by Lisa Loeb