Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ask your husband how to do your nails...

I haven't painted my nails much since my St. Patrick's Day mani.  I did have a pastel mani on for Easter (which I didn't get pictures of), but then I added Color Club Covered In Diamonds over it which was too thick & just ended up being a big old mess so I took it all off & haven't painted my nails since.
Last night I asked my husband how I should do my nails while we were watching the White Sox game (so excited for baseball!) & here's what I ended up doing:
Zoya Lidia
My husband's answer was "dark purple".  Not too exciting & not really what I had in mind since I didn't really want to use a dark color, but I'm pretty sure I haven't used this polish yet so I went with his suggestion.
Polishes used for this mani:
*Zoya Lidia--two coats, but I use thin coats so this could possibly be a one coater for others
*INM Out the Door topcoat

I really do love this color, but the mani as a whole is nice enough, but a little "blah".
Do you own this color?  Do you like it?

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