Sunday, April 24, 2016

Not quiet so plain...

Most (all?) of my manicures in the last 6+ months have been mainly creme polishes only so I decided to add a little something to my latest mani:
Zoya Taylor and Candy Lacquer Zombicorn
The polishes I used for this mani were:
*Zoya Taylor--two coats for full coverage.  I love this polish since it's the most "neutral/flesh toned" for me.
*Candy Lacquer Zombicorn--one coat painted over Taylor.  I love Candy Lacquer's glitter polishes & even though this is technically a Halloween polish I think it works well for spring/summer.
*INM Out the Door topcoat--one coat between Taylor & Zombicorn & then one coat after Zombicorn.

I really love this combo since you can see all the different glitters that make up Zombicorn--I prefer glitters over contrasting bases so none of the glitters get lost.

I'm trying to get back into glitters & whatnot in hopes that my manis are a little less boring for you to look at, lol.

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