Sunday, June 5, 2016

Shattered rainbows

Awhile back I finally found Orly Mirrorball at Sally's when it was on clearance/red tag for $4.19, but I'm pretty sure the red tag polishes were 50% off when I bought it (under $2.10 for a polish I had been looking for since it came out?  Yes please!).  I've been thinking of a look using it besides wearing it alone or as an accent nail & this is what I came up with:

What I used for this mani:
*Orly Mirrorball--two coats.  If I was wearing this alone I would have added another coat, but I knew I was going to be covering a lot of it up.
*Nail stickers/stencils from ebay.
*China Glaze Hot Flash--this was the first time I had used this polish & I really love it for being a red.
*Sinful Colors Bye Felicia!--this polish seems pretty pigmented for being a yellow.
*OPI I'm Sooo Swamped!--do I have to remind you how much I love this polish?  Such a perfect green. *sigh*
*OPI Fearlessly Alice--this polish is pretty much spot-on the color of Alice's dress in "Alice In Wonderland".  I love the old Disney cartoon movie.
*China Glaze I Got A Blue Attitude--I'll say it again, this is probably the best purple polish from China Glaze that I've used, it's not runny like all the others (that I've used) seem to be.
*INM Out The Door topcoat--one coat after Mirrorball (I put it on the night before I did the stencils & colored polishes to make sure it was dry) & one coat after the colors.

I know that the design didn't come out 100% as it should have, but I do have very curved nails so full nail stencils are hard to use on my nails & I don't use nail stencils much so that's just error on my put, but I really like how these look & how they look in the sun  with the flashes of holographic.

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