Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Linked (nope, not Zelda)

Haven't painted my nails in awhile so I haven't had anything to blog about (sorry!).  Here's the nails I did tonight:
OPI Skull & Glossbones

OPI Skull & Glossbones with OPI Fearlessly Alice
What I used for this mani:
*OPI Skull & Glossbones--two coats for full coverage.
*INM Out The Door topcoat--one coat over Skull & Glossbones.
*OPI Fearlessly Alice--used for stamping.
*MASH nail plate Mash-41--the chain link design.

I'm sure I've used Skull & Glossbones before, but I couldn't find a blog post on it.  I really like this color of grey.  I almost didn't stamp over it, but stamping is what I had my mind set on today.  I used Fearlessly Alice & the Mash-41 plate with a clear stamper & the stamping came out very easily & very well except my thumb nail wasn't fully covered & my index finger some of the design didn't transfer, but that was because I let the polish dry too long on the stamper.  I like this, but not as much as the plain nails.  My husband likes the stamped nails better.  Which do you like more?

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