Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Needed some neon this summer

I can't believe there's only a month left of summer break--time has went way too fast & we hardly did anything this summer!  I needed some cheering up so I wanted bright, neon nails:
What I used for this mani:
*Manglaze Mayonnaise--two coats.  I wanted to use this since it's a matte polish & dries fast.
*China Glaze Pool Party, Celtic Sun & Hanging In The Balance--sponged on the nails to make a rainbow, took about three "coats" of sponging.
*FingerPaints Top Coat For Neons--one coat over everything.

This mani is much brighter in real life & I love it, hoping to keep it on for awhile (might add a black & white glitter polish when  it starts looking old/growing out).  What's your favorite neon polish?

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