Friday, September 30, 2016

FALL in love with Zoya

I have been a really bad blogger lately & honestly I haven't even been painting my nails--the last two times I have were Nubar Reclaim for Labor Day weekend (I LOVE that polish!) & then I used Zoya's Pink Perfector when I needed to go to a funeral--I'm almost certain I already have blog posts on both of those polishes.

It's fall now!  I have always loved fall--my birthday's in October, I love the leaves changing colors, the apples & pumpkins, corn stalks, Halloween, my mom's birthday (on Halloween), warmer a person who has always been pale & burns easily fall was always so much better in my mind than summer.
Anyway, I picked out some "fall" colors & did a skittles mani, but to be honest I wasn't very happy with the end result as much as I would have liked, I think it's because some of the colors were a little brighter than what I was going for.
Thumb to pinkie: Zoya Kimmy, Kerry, Apple, Penny & Trixie

Thumb to pinkie: Zoya Kimmy, Kerry, Apple, Penny & Trixie with Matte Velvet Topcoat
The polishes I used:
*Zoya Naked Manicure base--one coat on all nails.
*Zoya Kimmy--two coats on my thumb.  I like this color for fall.
*Zoya Kerry*--two thicker coats on my index nail.  This was one of the colors I thought was too bright.
*Zoya Apple--three coats on my middle nail.  This was also a color I thought was too bright.
*Zoya Penny--two coats on my ring nail.
*Zoya Trixie--two coats on my pinkie.
*Zoya Matte Velvet Topcoat over everything.

This reminds me of fall, but I think that the Instagram photo that I was inspired by is a lot nicer/not so bright.

*Zoya Kerry was sent to me previously for my honest review.