Sunday, April 24, 2016

Not quiet so plain...

Most (all?) of my manicures in the last 6+ months have been mainly creme polishes only so I decided to add a little something to my latest mani:
Zoya Taylor and Candy Lacquer Zombicorn
The polishes I used for this mani were:
*Zoya Taylor--two coats for full coverage.  I love this polish since it's the most "neutral/flesh toned" for me.
*Candy Lacquer Zombicorn--one coat painted over Taylor.  I love Candy Lacquer's glitter polishes & even though this is technically a Halloween polish I think it works well for spring/summer.
*INM Out the Door topcoat--one coat between Taylor & Zombicorn & then one coat after Zombicorn.

I really love this combo since you can see all the different glitters that make up Zombicorn--I prefer glitters over contrasting bases so none of the glitters get lost.

I'm trying to get back into glitters & whatnot in hopes that my manis are a little less boring for you to look at, lol.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Memories of Luigi...

Just a simple, fun mani for today:
Nail polishes used:
*OPI I'm Sooo Swamped!--two coats.  Ugh, I love this green so damn much!  I honestly don't care for OPI polishes normally since they have so many reds/pinks, but I'm Sooo Swamped may just be my favorite green polish ever.
*China Glaze Let's Jam--two coats.  This is another new polish from the Lite Brites collection & again the formula is perfect, especially for a CG purple.  Let's Jam does have a blue shimmer running through it that you can't see very well unless you're in the sun/bright light.
*ILNP Mega (S)--three coats.  The sun was out yesterday & I went back to my go-to accent nail, lol.
*INM Out The Door topcoat

Green & purple is my favorite color combo ever (besides rainbow).  I know this is a very simple mani (as most of mine have been lately), but creme polishes have my heart right now.  As for the Luigi reference--I was the younger sibling & was "forced" to be player two when Nintendo came out so Luigi's always been my favorite between him & Mario.

What are your thoughts on this mani?  Getting sick of seeing simple manis & creme polish?

Friday, April 15, 2016

Maybe it's a little too brite...

I've had the six China Glaze Lite Brite polishes sitting out since I bought them last weekend & finally decided to do a mani with a couple of them:
China Glaze Bite Me & I Got a Blue Attitude

China Glaze Bite Me & I Got a Blue Attitude
The nail polishes I used were:
*China Glaze Bite Me--two coats.  This is a very bright orange tinted pink with gold shimmer.  I do think the shimmer is a bit more pronounced on the nail than in the bottle.
*China Glaze I Got a Blue Attitude--two coats.  This is a blue based purple with blue shimmer that shows up way more on the nail than in the bottle (most of the shimmer in my bottle looks like it sank to the bottom of the bottle).
*FingerPaints Top Coat for Neons--one coat was used since Bite Me dried semi-matte.

I could not get a color accurate photo of these polishes--Bite Me is way brighter in person & I Got a Blue Attitude is more purple/violet.
I absolutely love I Got a Blue Attitude & I'm so happy that the formula is good (a lot of china Glaze's purple polishes seem to be a bit runny).  Bite Me is still a really pretty & fun color, but I don't think it looks very good on me--I'll save this for an accent nail or for summer pedis.

Have you bought any of the China Glaze Lite Brites collection?  What are your favorites?  I bought six of them last weekend at Sally's, but the green, yellow & blue that I *really* want weren't available.
China Glaze Lite Brites: I'll Pink to That, Hot Flash, Bite Me, None of Your Risky Business, I Got a Blue Attitude, Let's Jam

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ask your husband how to do your nails...

I haven't painted my nails much since my St. Patrick's Day mani.  I did have a pastel mani on for Easter (which I didn't get pictures of), but then I added Color Club Covered In Diamonds over it which was too thick & just ended up being a big old mess so I took it all off & haven't painted my nails since.
Last night I asked my husband how I should do my nails while we were watching the White Sox game (so excited for baseball!) & here's what I ended up doing:
Zoya Lidia
My husband's answer was "dark purple".  Not too exciting & not really what I had in mind since I didn't really want to use a dark color, but I'm pretty sure I haven't used this polish yet so I went with his suggestion.
Polishes used for this mani:
*Zoya Lidia--two coats, but I use thin coats so this could possibly be a one coater for others
*INM Out the Door topcoat

I really do love this color, but the mani as a whole is nice enough, but a little "blah".
Do you own this color?  Do you like it?